What we do
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What we do


We are Nembeat and these are our core competencies

We are in the business of oil and gas field services particularly in the areas of well engineering, well integrity, well kill/well control support services, Bottom-hole pressure and temperature measurements.

We provide well test design support services, well test training services, safety training services, crude haulage, repairs, maintenance services, process measurement & control system, integrity & flow assurance.

We are also involved in the business of equipment leasing, letting on hire, hire purchase and easy Payment system for movable and or immovable properties, logistics services, haulage Contractors, transportation of any of the products of the company or other company or authority.

We have the capacity to carry out business as general contractors and general merchants, suppliers of goods, general importer and exporter of goods of any description, commission agents,  manufacturer’s representatives, and industrialist and do accept from and offer agency services to any other persons, from time to time as the business of the company may demand or require.

We also carry on business as suppliers of oil and gas products, importation, exportation, sale and distribution of chemicals.

Our property section is responsible for developments of land, buildings, structures, residential plots, commercial plots, industrial plots and sheds, roads, bridges, channels, culverts and also act as designers, contractors, sub-contractors, for all types of constructions and developments work for private and government sector.


WE shall continuously be guided by our EMPOWER policy and strive to ensure customer satisfaction.

E- Engagement – Engagement of workers in planning, execution and or decision making is a priority

M-Multi-skilling – Multi Skilling is knowledge to the workforce and knowledge is power; hence all workers shall always be trained in multiple areas to increase their skills.

P-Promotions – Promotions shall be done fairly and shall be based on competence, knowledge and hard work

O-Openness– Open door policy is a necessity. No worker shall be restricted from reporting any incident or situation no matter whose ox is gored. All workers are free to demand for their rights in a peaceful and honourable manner.

W-Work ethics – Work ethics shall be held to the highest standard required by law. There shall be no discrimination by tribe nor sex nor religion etc

E- Education – Educational advancement is encouraged for employees who wish to upgrade themselves and improve their careers.

R- Result– Result of employee motivation leads to client satisfaction, award of more contracts, profit for the company (NNL) and improved working conditions for the workers.